Will, The Real Banksy Please, Stand Up – Who is Banksy

Banksy, the English graffiti artist, is very well known around the world. However, the famous street modern artist has never revealed his true identity. He is a true beacon of inspiration for other miniature contemporary artists around the world. Banksy brings his artwork to life with the power of a spray can, which is an embodiment of his powerful artistic acumen. Although Banksy is a perpetrator of crime by graffitiing on public property, each one of his artwork portrays a single political message that makes it on the front pages of the newspapers, social media and is showcased in several art galleries around the world. When he was a teenager, Banksy was first recognized in Bristol as part of the DryBreadZ Crew, where he adopted the name ‘Banksy’ to protect himself from being prosecuted for vandalizing public or private property, and this is the name he has stuck with. In the mid-1990s Banksy’s style improved majorly as he was under the influence of French graffiti artist ‘Blek Le Rat’, particularly his style in political messages and visuals. Banksy mimicked his technique of using stencils instead of freehand spraying with his cans and equipped with his own style focused more on popular political topics around the world.

Will, The Real Banksy Please, Stand Up - Who is Banksy
Will, The Real Banksy Please, Stand Up – Who is Banksy

The Beginnings of Banksy’s Street Strokes

The first of his stencil work began in Bristol where he addressed the riots that were taking place in his home town. His works targeted social injustice and hypocrisy in political matters. The main intention behind his word was to crush the entire political system by bringing justice to the common man and the community. When he later moved to London, Banksy started getting involved with a new and enriched crowd that helped him enhance his public image and gave him the recognition he enjoys today.

Soon, the walls of London were covered with the images of rats and chimpanzees, bringing to attention the political problems in the city. The press found his work astonishing and newsworthy and headlined his artwork for the general public to acknowledge. In order to be able to handle the publicity that the media brought Banksy, he hired photographer Steve Lazarides. Steve soon became the key to the popularity of Banksy’s original work and has since become the publicist and agent to represent Banksy. In fact, the working relationship between the two grew in bounds that they published a series of writings that truly portrayed the work and public image of Banksy as an artist.

The Rise to Fame and Popularity

The scale to the top of the ladder in popularity did not come to Banksy overnight. He worked through several conditions revolving the criminal system and the public’s acceptance. It is possible that Banksy suffered at the hands of the inadequate government systems, which could be the reason he was encouraged to take to street art on the political form. After years of gaining popularity, Banksy was soon known as a world-famous vandal, inspiration to other street artists and a massive problem to the corrupt government.