The Tale of Paul Ruel and The Impressionist Movement

A captivating piece of history lies within the tale of a group of young artists. Their artistic talents brought them an inspiration that would change our view of Art forever. Impressionism painting came to view in the Nineteenth century. The original members of this movement were none other than Claude Monet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro, and some contributions from Manet. It is hard to think of these world renowned Artists as having a humble beginning. Similar to many novice painters today, the band of Artists found themselves in a cycle of feast and famine.

Impressionistic Art was not a welcomed style. Most defined it as a harsh and brassy version of the refined Arts they grew accustomed to. The differences made them criticize the works for being both amateur in appearance and inappropriate for public viewing. This did not stop the new society from continuing their efforts. They did not want to fit in with a commonplace perception. With this resolve, the group moved forward creating new Impressionistic expressions.

Impressionists United

After the seasons went by and the paintings that sold were far and few in-between, they met a man who would touch their lives in the most meaningful way possible. Paul Durand Ruel  worked for and eventually ran his family’s business. As an Art dealer, he was always searching for talents that he could represent. He first became acquainted with the Impressionist works of Claude Monet. As he met with Pissarro and Monet he couldn’t have known he was on the verge of transforming the entire Art market.

He had just moved from Paris to London with high hopes. Unsure of the outcome he took a gamble and began purchasing the paintings from the young Artists. He was met with the same skepticism as the Artists had underwent. He continued purchasing new paintings and helping the Artists financially with loans and stipends. Eventually he relocated back to Paris. Here he was able to obtain Artistic pieces from Renoir, Degas and Sisley.  He hadn’t sold many of the works he obtained making it harder for him to accommodate the pending needs that arose quite often. He did not want the Artists to stop painting so he found a way to assist them, no matter the situation.

Impressionistic Arts

After sixteen years of waiting for a breakthrough, Paul Durand Ruel made a savvy business decision. He took forty three crates filled with paintings to America. Through his three months of traveling, he had sold almost forty thousand dollars’ worth of his collection. A little over a year later, he opened a gallery in new York that stayed in operation until the 1950’s. Though he was doubted by his peers for many years, they ultimately triumphed in the end.

It was this pivotal moment in time that has brought us the treasured masterpieces from our favorite Artists. Paul Ruel touched their lives through the eternal gifts of friendship, faith and trust.