The Crossed Paths of Monet and Manet

Unless you are well versed in the history of the Arts, you may have a hard time differentiating between the varied Artists and their works. One common misconception we see today also began over one hundred years ago. Two separate Artists seem have a parallel in their lives. Many would often confuse their names as they were both derived with French surnames. Claude Monet and Edouard Manet were not aware of one another until a day in 1865 would cross their paths in a most surprising way.

The story of Monet and Manet is one that will bring you from shocked sighs to a tear of sincerity. The pair had very different upbringings even though they were from the same region. Their original common interest of painting came long before they met. With magnificent skill and a show of talent, Monet and Manet were exceedingly gifted in the Arts.

Monet and Manet Artistic Styles

Manet had decided to make a special painting to display at the next exhibit. He wanted to bring a new platform to the stage with his painting Olympia. The image of a woman who was in a pose that was questionable by judges did not favor the concept as Manet had hoped. He felt a brief reprieve when he heard murmurings of his painting. He kept hearing the mingling of sentences that were confusing to him. Olympia, Monet and landscapes were coming across the room with rave reviews. Manet did not understand why they referred to his star creation as a landscape and there was no justification for the gross mispronunciation of his name.

Artistic Conflict

It was then he saw the answer to his question. Claude Monet had painted a landscape that was set right next to Olympia. This sent Manet in an undeniable frustration. He felt the placement and name used was intentional to gain favor for his hard work over the years. It did not help others to discern the differences as they both displayed a similar style that was known as impressionism.

Monet and Manet Friendship

The interesting aspect of their situation is they actually became great friends. They continued to paint with a great interest in each other’s works. They were both deemed as the founders of an Impressionistic style. Manet liked to keep a touch of Realism to his paintings that gained him a heavier following in that time period. Monet set down a path of absolute Impressionism that was not fully accepted just yet which caused him hardships and struggles. It is well known that his friend, Manet helped him through some of the hardest days and months. When Manet discovered Monet’s wife had a debilitating illness he knew this would cause further woes for his friend. He sent word that forgave any and all debts incurred in a show of support.

Monet and Manet are two of the greatest Artists we know in our time. Their intertwined fates and kindness of heart shows us the true meaning of fellowship.